Dancer - Residential Complex in Spain- 2019
Velvet House - Residential House in Yazd
Kind House
Imam Hossein Complex in Yazd
5 Star Hotel in Nigeria
Museum of Anthropology of Yazd
Recreational Complex, Sports Welfare

Architect & 3D: Mohammad Saatchi&nbsp...

Schwerin Theater
Beshiktash Football Stadium
Istanbul Police in Beshiktash - 02
Istanbul Police in Beshiktash - 01
Istanbul Bendegan Building Restoration
Twin Towers
Vila Oushan
Nezam Mohandesi Complex - 2005
Amphitheater Saloon
Residential Apartment - 2011
Mehr Apartments Complex - 2006
Yazd Central Library - 2005
My Old 3D Fantasy Works

These are my old 3d works for different reson...

Making of Schwerin Theater

Making of Schwerin Theater

Vila Oushan

Interior Design and 3d for Oushan (Tehran, Ir...

Milad Hospital Residential Complex

Milad Hospital Residential Complex.Client...