Services For You:

Design all kind of building with plans and 3d renders. There isn't a limitation for the place of the project.
In the project progress, at each level, we will discuss anything so the final result, will be the nearest thing to your aims.
Interior design with 3D renders and AutoCAD plans. Related to your favorite style.

Our Features

Indigenous and Climatic design

In designing your drawings, you will pay extra attention to the canvas (culture, tradition, and the place of construction of the project) and the climate (weather, light, etc.). In this way, you will be the owner of the building with the utmost beauty and minimum energy consumption.

Pay Attention To Your Tastes

In the design of the architecture of the maps, you will receive everything in your meetings, wishes and imaginations, and they will be considered in the design phase of all of them.

Compatible with the Technology of the Day

Every day we see new manufacturing technologies and techniques. In our design, we pay special attention to these issues, so that the outlet building is up-to-date and has a high shelf life.

Indicative and Distinctive Architecture

Design and construction of each building is considered in two dimensions: individual and social. By designing distinct, but consistent with the site, distinctly shaped designs to give you a unique sense of beauty.

Lack of Custom Maps

The maximum designs designed to increase the speed of customer delivery and lack of creativity are available and effective designs. In their activities, I have avoided these issues and I am always seeking to create a new and exclusive identity for you.

Attention to Structures and Facilities

Architectural challenges are constructive design with minimal cost and time. For this, it is necessary at the time of design, to the objects of construction, facilities and materials and … special attention was paid to prevent many of these waste of time and the cost of the next, and the necessary changes in design.

Residential Complex in Mallorca, Spain

Exterior and Interior Architecture

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Residential home in Yazd

Exterior and Interior Architecture

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Villa in Oshan, Tehran

3D Visualization and Interior Design

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Apartment Complex Engineering System

3D Visualization

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Simulator of the International Theater Building of the German city of Schuchin

3D Visualization

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Architecture Orders
Available Services:
Phase 0: General Sketch of the Building
Phase 1: Design details with AutoCad Plans
Phase 2: Draw all the details of the execution plan
Provide drainage and drainage drawings
Installations: Provide all plant maps
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Interior Design Orders
Available Services:
Listen to owner comments and choose a general form
Basic drawing and 3D simulation
Final drawing if approved by the employer
Draw detailed technical drawings for accurate execution
Choosing furniture and chandeliers and other equipment
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Education Courses
Available services:
Having a valid representative and applying for a course
Surfacing and interviewing
Determine the time and place of the class venue
Determine the facilities for class formation
Holding a training course

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