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Last Update: 19 March, 2014

Who am I ? I am crazy designer that haven't worried about drawing lines over land and sky. In this way, use 3DS MAX and VRAY to show what will happen. I am a man who can fly over dreams. I have two wings covered on my mind. So I can't be in a cage. My experience aren't useful because each day when I get up, I am as newbie and in each project I am new man who was born again. I can't do something frequent. I am looking for a full time job in United States. For other countries you can make offer for part time. I can do your projects online or offline! You can make order for: 1- Interior or Exterior Design 2- 3D Visualization 3- 3D Animation 4- Web Programming Read more in: http://msaatchi.com/en/about/&aux=4




I recommend you to read my resume here.