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Looking for a program manager

Category: Events | March Tue 04, 2014

Mohammad Saatchi elected as Beshiktash stadium animator

Category: Events | February Fri 14, 2014

I elected as exterior designer of the big project in Ankara

Category: Events | February Thu 13, 2014
I elected as exterior designer of the Ankara Auditorium (a big project in Ankara, Turkey) and my design approved with customers.

3D Animation of the Reconstruction Project

Category: Events | January Tue 14, 2014
Bendegan Building Reconstruction Project

I will not work more with turbosquid

Category: Events | December Tue 17, 2013

Industrial Animation Sample (Fast Work)

Category: Events | December Mon 16, 2013
my short industrial animation sample

Buy "Making Schwerin Theater" ebook directly from the website

Category: Events | December Sun 01, 2013
You can buy my "Making Schwerin Theater" ebook with just 12.99€.

Portfolio reel published in youtube

Category: Events | November Fri 29, 2013
I just published my simple portfolio in youtube.

I will move to from 22 November

Category: Events | November Thu 07, 2013
I will move to Istanbul, Turkish from 22 November. If you live there and interest to join to my training courses, message me.

Design of Yazd's first 5-star hotel has been entrusted to me

Category: Events | September Thu 19, 2013

Looking for the appropriate Publisher

Category: Events | May Mon 13, 2013
To publish my books, I am looking for the appropriate Publisher.

Follow My Video Tutorials at YouTube

Category: Events | May Sat 04, 2013
my YouTube channel link

Art of photographer and art of artist

Category: Short Sentences | April Sun 28, 2013

In The Name of God

Category: Events | April Thu 18, 2013
This is first story in the new version.
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