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Last Update: 02 May, 2013

Last Edit: May 02 2013

In the following fields to cooperate with the services provided by Mohammad Saatchi (as described here) has provided:

* The following items are included Iran and outside of Iran.

  •     Taught in schools and universities
  •     Private and semi-private lessons
  •     The project is part-time work
  •     Working on the project full-time (the time interval)


- To collaborate on projects, the person or reputation shall have the applicant center. For contact, register to the website and from contact page, filled out the form contained the project description, financial conditions, contact info and when conditions.  You will be contacted as soon as possible. Applicants who have direct contact can telephone.

- Ability to work in secret and semi-secret military project is not for no country.

- To teach individuals to apply, applicants must have at least one accredited representative (that is a confirmed case of Mohammad Saatchi) is.