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Last Update: 09 September, 2018

Mohammad Saatchi Yazdi


--------- Downloadable CV - August 2018 -------------






Featured Activities
  • 3D Reconstructor of Milan Cathedral - Italy (In Progress Here)
  • Beshiktash Soccer Stadium 3D Artist & Animator (Istanbul, Turkey - Iz Inshaat Company)
  • Ankara Audiotorium Extrior Designer
  • Istanbul Bendegan 3D Visualizer & Animator
  • Istanbul Beshiktash Police 3D Visualizer
  • SGM Company's Web Site Design and Programming.
  • Selected as the selected 3D Visualizer of the World in the CGChosen Magazine Here
  • Selected as the selected 3D Visualizer of the World on the foro3D Website Here
  • Author of the Book "Making of Schwerin Theater" Here and Here
  • 3D Visualizer of the Milan Cathedral Here
  • 3D Visualizer of the Schwerin International Theater Building in the Schwerin City of Germany Here
  • The innovator of the first Iran Academies Internet Radio Here and Here
  • The owner and publisher of the Saatchi Academy magazine (2011)
  • Critics of the Animation Part of the program "Two Step to the morning", Shown from IRIB (Iran National TV) here
  • As Founder of the Superior School in Yazd Province by the Organization of Technical and Vocational
  • Designing & Programming of Official Website Here
  • Designing & Programming of "Near By" System of The municipality of Ardakan Here
  • Programming of IQ Mesurement & MMPI System and Website of Tebdarman Here, Here and Here
  • Designing and Programming of Counter System for Diba Corporation
  • Designing and Programming of Auto Backup System for Diba Corporation

Recent Experiences
October 2014 - Now: Meybod Institute of Art
Trainer in 3D Animation field
September 2014 - Now: Meybod Faculty of Engineering
Trainer in 3D Animation field
Februray 2014 - Now: İz İnşaat (Istanbul, Turkey)
Staructure Designer, Conceptual Designer, 3D Artist & Animator
December 2013: Sismik Güçlendirme Merkezi (Istanbul, Turkey)
Staructure Designer, Conceptual Designer, 3D Artist & Animator, Company's Website Programmer
2012-2013: Diba Group Inc. Designer & Programmer
PHP, MySQL, JQuery, Photoshop
2011-2012: Founder and trainer institutes Saatchi
Training 3D Visualization, 3ds Max, VRay, Digital Graphic, Photoshop, Web Programming
2007- Now: Tutoring
2004- Now: 3D Visualization, 3D Animation, Web Programming and Design as Freelancer

Autodesk 3ds Max
VRay, Mental Ray
Html & CSS
Who am I?
 I am crazy designer that haven't worried about drawing lines over land and sky. In this way, use 3DS MAX and VRAY to show what will happen. I am a man who can fly over dreams. I have two wings covered on my mind. So I can't be in a cage. My experience aren't useful because each day when I get up, I am as newbie and in each project I am new man who was born again. I can't do something frequent.