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Making of Schwerin Theater

The book about the advanced modeling for intermediate 3ds max workers. Contained modeling way used in professional project.

Last Edit: April 2013

Where Can I Buy?

You can buy it in each of these ways:

1- Immediatly from this website. Pay price (12.99€) with paypal to hafez@keypour.com then send receiption code to msaatchi@gmail.com.

2- From the3dstudio shop store in here:


3- From the 3dexport shop store in here:


Web Site


Short Desciption

Published On : September 2007
Price: 24.99$
Type: EBook

This is the first book that I wrote in 3ds max modeling, which was released in September 2007 and the buyers were think favorably about it. This can be verified rated stores that offer'll find it. This book is for those who are interested in learning how the model is suitable for professional projects. Many images in this book will help you learn fun and it does not obscure the point.

Hot Points

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Why You Should Read This E-Book

This e-book will teach you how to create complex building with different objects with references and will teach you to make environment, add light and camera and finally render it. You’ll learn how to do it using 3d studio max software.
    This e-book is aimed at readers who already know at least the basics of 3dsmax and have make some models and scene before, but have not necessarily to worked on complex objects or scene. If you are beginning 3dmax worker, you should still find this e-book useful, but it might take you a little longer to digest. I’ve tried not to leave out any basic concepts, but I do cover them at speed. The typical reader of this e-book, is someone how wants to work faster and better in 3dsmax. You might already be professional 3dsmax artist. If so, this e-book should get you up to speed quickly.

What You Will Be Able to Achieve Using This E-Book

Reading this e-book will enable you to build high detailed objects and make real environment for complex references and photo realistic renders. You will understand hoe manage your project and use your references to make objects so nearly and with good relations. You will learn how make materials and dirty textures for more realistic.
    Also you will enable to work with one of the special render engines call VRay. You will learn how use lights, cameras and environments effect to make better and quality complex scene.
    I use different modeling way in this project and it will help you to become more familiar with these ways. Also may you familiar with those, you will know that when you use each of those to make better and faster your objects. Attend that in 3dsmax, each one will become faster with each modeling method, so in this e-book I speak about my modeling way, so it’s don’t mean that you must do this way. Just I show another ways and methods.

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